You vs Harley Quinn (Birds of Prey 2020 Movie)

You vs Harley Quinn (Birds of Prey 2020 Movie)

You’ve just gotten coffee at a dingy little
diner — a low-key place where you had to wipe the dirty mug before taking a sip. Everything in Gotham’s a little rough around
the edges, but you’re not expecting glitz and glamor. You’re here on a work trip and after walking
around a bit during the day, you recognize its dark and edgy character. You head outside after it’s just been raining
and it’s freezing. An unholy breeze smacks you in the face and
you just want to get back to your warm hotel. You turn the corner and, to your pleasant
surprise, an alleyway serves as a shortcut to your safe haven. But there’s something kind of sinister about
this alleyway. Something feels off. You notice a tuft of blonde hair from a woman
as she’s crouched in the shadows. Not too far behind is another woman with a
sharp fedora-looking hat on, holding a gun in your direction. A swift turn of your head and you see two
pointy ears and a sleek black mask across a brunette’s eyes. Next to her, a remarkably attractive woman
with fair skin, long black hair and purple eyes looms nearby. And finally, a sinister smile, those white
blonde pigtails with the pink and blue tips and tattoos everywhere that the whole world’s
come to recognize faces you dead on. You haven’t done anything to arouse suspicion,
but you’ve had the immense pleasure of finding yourself faced with the Birds of Prey — an
intense squad made up of Black Canary, Renee Montoya, Cassandra Cain, Huntress and Harley
Quinn. They’re tough — to put it lightly — ready
to fight and don’t trust you. Black Canary, the first one you saw, is actually
a woman named Dinah Lance. She’s known for her high-pitched scream,
but she tries to use it sparingly. High-pitched might be putting it lightly,
though, because this sound — dubbed her canary cry — is made up of ultrasonic vibrations,
or high-frequency sounds that are beyond the scope of what an average human can hear. This scream is such a superpower that it can
shatter organic and inorganic objects — including metals — and gives her the power to glide
across distances. Because you’re a human, you wouldn’t be
able to withstand the sheer power of the canary cry, so let’s hope this altercation doesn’t
push her there in any way. But you’ll be cautious and try not to push
her there once you see what else she’s got up her black, leathered up sleeve. There are a couple conflicting theories behind
Black Canary’s shrieking superpowers. Some postulate that it was because she was
cursed by a wizard, while others think she already had superhuman ability at birth. And some think the scream was a result of
when Team 7, a military special operations unit, experimented on her by supplementing
her with genes from Ditto, a mutant alien who can duplicate herself. Knowing the sheer power of her cry, opponents
often gag her in an attempt to stifle it. She’s decided to hone her martial arts skills
as a back-up, though, and she specializes in hand-to-hand combat. She’s also a skilled boxer, a result of
being trained by Ted Grant, who mentored her in several different techniques. Her fighting tenacity is also a result of
her rough upbringing: Her mother eventually died of radiation exposure, so she became
a foster kid and was eventually taken by Demond Lamar, who trained her in the martial arts. Her mother was also the original Black Canary,
and her daughter, who so desperately wanted to be a superhero, took her costume despite
her objections at 19. Lance’s Earth-shattering pipes have gotten
her places aside from combat. She specializes in rockabilly and rock music. She’s the lead singer of a band, aptly also
named Black Canary, and they’ve released two EP albums. Renee Montoya, the Latina still holding that
terrifying gun in your face, is the detective of the group who’s garnered the nickname
“The Question.” She’s got a no-nonsense personality — a
lot of it due to her days as a cop at the Gotham Police Department, but gave up that
path when she realized how corrupt the whole force was. She’s also originally from Gotham, so her
deep familiarity of its every turn is a huge asset. In order to evade her, you’re going to have
to be unpredictable because she’s not only a skilled markswoman — she’s also intensely
familiar with the criminal mind, so she can predict people’s moves. So you might want to think as quickly as you
can to see if you can beat her. Case in point to describe how much of a mastermind
she is: She’s been able to detect patterns within global crime rings and make sense of
cryptic texts. She’ll stealthily go undercover in order
to pick up on information, like the one time she snuck her way into a creepy cult led by
a woman named Korrigan. But perhaps with enough trickery and creativity,
you’ll be able to break free from the grasp she’s probably already got on you as she’s
sizing you up while the seconds go by. Cassandra Cain, Orphan or BatGirl is your
next opponent. Speaking of those in the group who can sniff
out your every move, you’re going to have to watch out even more for this one, and a
lot of that is because of her backstory. You won’t hear a peep from her because she’s
mute, but don’t underestimate her for a minute! She was raised by David Cain, an assassin
who completely mistreated her — depriving her of human contact and who never taught
her how to read or write. Instead, he taught her fighting techniques
that sharpened her ability to read body movements and therefore anticipate what a person will
do. Cain’s childhood is marked by violence:
When she was 8, David took her to kill a businessman, and while she didn’t know what exactly was
going on, it was her first real exposure to death. This was also when she fled from her evil
caretaker and spent the next 10 years living on the streets — kinda like Black Canary
— before being snapped up to serve for Oracle, a covert operation run by Barbara Gordon,
a former vigilante who’s now wheelchair bound. It looks like you’re going to have a hard
time trying to outmaneuver Cain unless you can somehow whip out some major martial arts
skills from out of nowhere: While she has no superhuman powers, she’s proficient in
Jeet Kune Do, a non-fixed form of martial arts that’s come to be associated with Bruce
Lee, Muay Thai- which uses specific parts of the body like shins, knees, elbows and
fists- and Ninjutso, the type of fighting used by ninjas in guerilla warfare. Huntress, or Helena Bertinelli, is the raven-haired
beauty who you’re simultaneously transfixed by but also petrified of. She’s the daughter of Catwoman and Batman,
so, just right off the bat genetically you know she’s a lot to be faced with. To try to outdo this one, you’re going to
have to muster all the speed and agility you’ve got, so, hope you’re limbered up! She’s also a force to be reckoned with after
all she’s been through. When she was just a kid, a criminal coerced
her mom to continue being Catwoman, which resulted in her mother being killed. Helena set out to avenge for her mom’s death,
making a costume and fashioning some weapons out of what her parents had — one of which
included her crossbow, which became her signature weapon. And finally, Harley Quinn, otherwise known
as Harleen Quinzel, appears to be the last foe you’re going to try to outsmart, but
it’s going to prove itself to be nearly impossible. Quinn wasn’t always the fast-talking, brash
character. At one point a long, long time ago, she was
an intern at Arkham Asylum, the psychiatric hospital. Part of her mental expertise has to do with
this psychiatry training, so, like the other characters we’ve mentioned, she’d be able
to aptly predict what you’re going to do, which will leave you frantically searching
for a way to throw her off. So, back to her time at the Asylum. She met The Joker there and became utterly
obsessed, which led her to try to help him escape. The whole plan goes up in flames when she’s
caught, but then she escapes to find her “puddin.” So, she’ll do anything for the man she’s
obsessed with. She has no real superpowers, but she’s immune
to most toxic environments because of an injection she received, which also made her stronger
and have more stamina. She carries around a mallet and knows what
to do with it. She’s also nimble and agile — before she
was injected, she was an expert gymnast with an exceedingly high IQ. So, there’s a breakdown of your odds against
the current Birds of Prey squad. Hope you can learn martial arts out of thin
air, be as unpredictable as possible and outlive a canary cry that shatters the Earth! Thanks again and we’ll catch you next time
on The Infographics Show!

  1. It's almost poetic that Joker was one of the highest rated movies of all time, but Birds of Prey was sort of a flaccid flop.

  2. I am very disappointed in the infographics show this time. You made the fight impossible by making him go against the whole squad. It should have been a one on one fight and you should have at least made an attempt to defeat her.

  3. One word: Fireball.

    Fireball solves everything.

    But just to make sure, make it very big, like… a nuclear explosion big. In fact, use a nuclear explosion in the whole town.

    Fireball wins again.

  4. I’m 215 pounds and have 6 years of mma under my belt and I can run a mile in 9 minutes also can do a little bit of parkour just enough to get anywhere

    Do I have a chance ?

  5. Basically, you go against that entire squad at one time and you're probably doomed!!! Note to self – go full Ghost-Face and take them out individually using stealth. That and use a rifle or shotgun instead of a knife.

    The range advantage would help you survive against all of them except (maybe) Black Canary.

  6. If you didnt do anything, just let them take you to prison or court, then question you. They’ll see you’re not suspicious.

  7. Kassandra Kane doesn't look like batgirl but she was batgirl once…also huntress in Birds of prey isn't the daughter of batman and catwoman but they are some versions of her where she is

  8. Hey, why are we going up against the entire squad? This is 1 normal human vs 5 geniuses who are also skilled at martial arts, but maybe flouroantimonic acid could help?

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