The Cat Gambler 1965 Hiroshi Noguch 1080p BluRay

NIKKATSU You know what happens if a cheater
is unmasked, don’t you? I’m sorry you had to watch
such a painful scene. Look at your dice, please. And you…
Disappear while you still can! THE CAT GAMBLER Writers: Kenz6 ASADA, Jun UEDA Cinematography: Toshitaro NAKAO Music: Tomokazu KAWABE With (Yukiko EGUCHI) Yumiko NOGAWA
(Seiji ASAN) Hideaki NITANI Keisuke YUKIOKA lchir6 SUGAI, Kaku TAKASHINA Director: Hiroshi NOGUCHI Ready? If you please… Someone on odd? Someone on par? 5-2, odd! Yuki, try your luck
and put in a bet. As stubborn as your father. If you please!
Take it as long as it’s hot. Everybody! We’re taking a break.
A cold drink? Thank you. – Yours is downstairs.
– Thank you. Is she the only daughter of Horikin? Yes. A funny girl. Horikin, was that Kinjiro Eguchi who
was found stabbed in the canal? The best ivory
specialist in Japan. Her mother died when
she was still young. Now that her father is dead,
she became orphaned here. Rolling the dice is not that bad, well? But why settle for so little? I do not care.
That’s what I would have liked to do. It’s a cruel world. To deal with players with their
codes and their manners, a single misstep and that’s the end. I know.
I observe them every day. No honest person would come here. That’s not true. We
are perfectly honest. An eccentric… She wants
to learn to roll the dice? A pretty woman, why not! HOUSE EGUCHI Yuki! It’s hot! Ah, is it you, officer. It is only me. It’s the day your father died,
I came to pray for him. Were you baking red beans? That’s good, I had a
desire for something sweet. – Here.
– Thank you. It’s been a year since my father died. – Did you find out anything?
– About the murderer? You burn incense for
my father every month. I am grateful to you. Don’t worry.
I will solve this case. – Do you have a clue?
– He will not be able to get away. I only have 6 months left.
In the meantime… – Six months?
– Yes… before my retirement.
I’ll solve it before that. The beans are ready.
You want some? Odd! Odd! Even! Even! Even! Odd! I have succeeded! I’m starting to rule the outcome of the numbers. Father. Father, I promise you to
unmask the man who killed you. This is not a game for kids. Even a man must be on his guard, he may well lose his life. You saw it for yourself the other day. I told her the same thing. Your father and I were old friends. I can not let you take risks. Besides, I am a professional player, I can not take in amateurs. If I’m not an amateur,
will you take me? Boss, to prove it to you,
I bet you 20,000 yen. If I lose, you have 20,000 yen and I give up the idea
of being a croupier. One single round!
You choose even or odd! What does that mean? Can you throw what you want? I bet you 20,000 yen
to see if I can. I understood. Even! If it’s odd, will
you let me work? Next, trow us a double par. Games are set. 1-1 Even. Not bad for a girl. I go. Place your bets. No more? So it’s my turn. Games are set. 6-1, odd. Excuse me. Boss, a raid! Go to Goryukai. Say I sent
you and they’ll let you in. I am going too. Can I have one, Officer? You want to find the
murderer of Horikin? That’s it. The truth is he was only an artisan
in appearance. But between us, he was known for making fake dice. I did not know! The only one that could make appear the desired number for each throw. You use them too? I beg you, I am honest. Honest, my ass. I did not use them, but one says, his pretty daughter uses
them in the gambling dens. Really? It’s ridiculous. DOSSIER OF KINJIRO EGUCHl’S MURDER We were overloaded at the time. Rape, murder and robbery. But to ignore that the dice were
rigged, that’s a big mistake. I asked her, but she didn’t show off anything.
She appeared to be a decent girl. I was on the case at the time.
One needs to recapitulate everything now. Endo, we’ll start from scratch again. Arikawa was retained? How’s his wife? She’s busy, she could not come. The cops are less stupid now,
they send in women cops. It’s me. Is the girl who arrived just now legit? What you say seems true. I will let you go again.
Sit. And here it is now! Yes. You went through Abashiri? Do you still ask that? This prison is our palace. A nice palace!I’llcheck that too. Do you think she’s a cop
and I’m an informer? She is good! I will find out. Our rule at Goryukai
is to be careful. Shoji Ito? He was released 10 days ago. He was locked up
for hurting a man. It is true. She plays dice. She is pretty good.
No mistake. I think she is capable. You let her try? First you show me. Give me a shaker. Odds or even? Show me both. Even! Odd! And you, what do you think? Pass me some dice. You do not have your own? For me, all the dice are good.
I do not need my own. A lot of blood on those dice.
A heavy past. How do you know it’s blood? I am a pro, not an amateur.
The white of the dice is different too. “Hanshichi” dice. It’s okay!
It does not make any difference. He was a cheater. A player saw it right away,
so I stabbed his hand. His blood? Poor guy- They are not good. Junk made by a shabby man. Shut up and throw. The Hanshichi dice are false?
They throw odds 70% of throws. Yes and so? I will make them fall on even each time. What? Sister, look good. Then stop throwing odds. It’s easy with those. Hold on! So no proof that they are loaded. OK, our door is open to you. You’re really good. I don’t know. See you tomorrow. When did you go out, Nagai? I came out earlier. – Happy to see you again.
– Me too. We missed you. By the way, do you know
anyone who has Horikin dice? Made by Eguchi, the
guy who was killed? I heard that he was an expert. Do you know someone who has them? Very good material, it seems. I know. You know someone? I was looking for them myself. Hello.“’8 You’?I’m not welcome’? Yes, but I was waiting for someone. Ha, do you have someone? Can I have a glass of water? Walking makes me thirsty. Go ahead. I want to ask you a few questions. Yes, what? I will not beat about the bush. Did you know that your
father made dice? I do not blame you. We discovered that he was doing it and we need your collaboration. Tell me everything you know. Did you become mute suddenly? – I’m not mute.
– Oh no? I will find the murderer myself. Do not be silly. It was my father!
I do not like being criticized. I have a daughter of about your age. I understand.
You do not like being criticized? This is the rule. Wear this
until you arrive there. Instead of a blindfold? It’s dangerous. Are you sure’?
There is no room for error. We’ll talk about it
after you’ve seen it. Show us what you
can do as a woman. You’re pretty cute
to break all men. You go out on even when I wet my lips.
You understand? And for odds? I wipe off my sweat.
Face, hands, wherever it is. Take them. – One moment.
– What is it? The men’s toilet? Funny guy- I start. You’re welcome. Bets are set! Game. 4-6, even. Game. 3-2, odd. 3-6, odd. 5-5, even. I’m in. I’m in. If you please. Even. 300,000 yen. We do not bet anymore. Bets are set! 2-6, even! One moment. Miss, show me your dice? No dice rigged, even
if you are cute. You know what happens if
we find rigged dice, don’t you? It’s not just men who
risk their lives. What would you do if I cheat? You have a lot of courage. Too pretty to be damaged.I’lljust bring you back with me. You don’t mind, dear guests? It’s a bit early to say
that the dice are rigged, just because it’s a girl. Check the dice first. He says the dice are rigged. I will check, so look closely. These are not rigged dice. There is no mistake,
they are good dice. My excuses. I’m really sorry but
we can not continue. We started badly.
That’s enough for today. Mr. Matsumoto. Can I see you for a minute? My mistake. It’s my fault. Here for the inconvenience. Give the 300,000 you bet. It is… Was it rigged? No but… The director of an insurance
company should… take things with a
little seriousness. – The guests are leaving.
– Very well. You’re a funny guy. You love it? You don’t? It’s fun to hide dice,
but my fingers are numb. Who really wants to roll the dice?
Especially a woman. Nothing scares you thus
far, but from now on? My poor father. Father? We were very poor. I was sick and almost died. When I finish this one, I
can send you to the hospital. Very soon… The dice will yield
100,000 yen, or more. Business was good when
your mother was still with us, but now nobody knows
how to work ivory. My dice are different. I put my soul in them. They’re perfection. Nobody will suspect anything. Ivory cutting did not pay, so he
started to roll the dice? Someone urged him to do it. Any player, especially
yakuza, wants good dice. You went to the hospital? He was… killed that night. Killed? The dice he had were missing. I did not tell the police. Nobody wants his
father to be blamed. Me too, I should have been
better to my parents. Ah yes? By the way, who asked
him to make them? Ah, that’s right, you
would recognize the murderer. – I’m looking for him.
– And if you find him? It is not easy to
find him in our world. Follow my advice, let the
police take care of it. No, even if I’d have to do all
the gambling dens one by one. You can not count
on help every time. I might become disabled, but I will find this man again. Nevertheless, thank you for helping me. Is it over there? He was stabbed
here and pushed over there. On a day like today, hot and humid. It’s been a year ago already. The file is almost closed. Usually we find something
on the crime scene. But not this time. I do not want to think like that. Let’s start from the beginning. There was a scratch on the right
hand of the victim, that’s a clue that the killer has left. The victim defended himself.
Labo has also reached that conclusion. – The scratch would come from a weapon?
– What does that mean? When they fought,
the victim was old, what would he do? Old and without much strength.
He would just hook in? When they fought, the killer must have lost something. But players and
thugs pay attention. He would have noticed if
he had lost something. It is true… Many yakuza wear these
big square rings. Exactly, that’s it. When they grabbed each other,
the victim took him by the ring. The killer stabbed
him to let go. The ring would have fallen. We did not find anything. It’s weird. Maybe someone found
it before we arrived. I wonder… Who comes through here, early in the morning? Morning workers, milk
deliverers, newspapers, scavengers. Rag pickers… Enter. It surprises you that I live here? No, I envy you. Oh, you draw too? We work with our
nerves, so we must relax. Yukiko, why are you
continuing this work? I already told you, to find
the murderer of my father. I understood.
But listen well, in ten years of business I
have often risked my life. It’s strange with dice. Some days everything is fine but on other days… Yet croupiers can never
tell, if something is not right. Women have a special advantage.
Customers are men, make good use of that. Understand? An innocent girl can
not roll the dice. Use your charms fully. You can do it. Take off your kimono. My kimono? To do what? I will tattoo you. On your beautiful skin, this
tattoo will be beautiful. It will show when you throw the dice. That way, they will not
notice that the game is rigged. But be careful though. Next we will do the leg! It’s beautiful! Really beautiful. Yuki… Frankly, it would be better
not to have tattoos. When you return to an ordinary
life, I will erase them. Remember what I told you.
Use your charms. We are in the same business, even if we are not on the same side. No, I will not be your enemy. Most swindlers go to
small playhouses. It will not be easy
to find your man. The file was examined
from every angle. Was he wearing a ring
as we envisioned? I guess deductions are
important in this investigation. Hey you, little crook! How are you, cops! Me. Officer, it’s not fair. Are you alone today?
Where is your boyfriend? He is… you see… In the slammer for theft? He a mishap and got locked away. You were there? Are you kidding? I am honest and live quietly
at my brother’s house. What is this? It comes from my girlfriend. Has some gangster lost a
similar one this year? I do not know. I did not notice. Of course. So… You mentioned a ring, officer? Does it ring a bell? I know a guy who has a similar, a
bit peculiar one. Expensive, probably. I see. It must be a tough guy.
Who is it? That’s a joke! A rag picker. Where is he? He’s hanging out in the street corner. This ring… What? My ring? Let me see it. It’s real special.
You had it made’? No, I would not have the means. In fact, I won it with that.
I am sorry. With cards? Yes that’s it. Yes. This idiot probably
stole it somewhere. – His name?
– He’s called Hide. He will not be long in coming back. Him?
N°I0e. That’s him. Hide? Yeah, what’s up? Hide, where did you steal it? Come with us. How did you get it? Speak! You were asked
where you got it? I am sorry. I found
her near the river. It corresponds to the scratch on the finger. You must have had trouble finding her. The owner must be the killer. The drawing is unusual.
He will be easy to find. The whole unit will help you. You know any playrooms? Games rooms? No. And you? No, I do not know. Game!– Odd.
– It’s even.
Lady, you’ll have one?
They’re delicious. You know cool playrooms? The one of the Hamanaka Group’s
is the best. Why? The Hamanaka Group? You do not know?
The rival of Goryukai. A big group. Thank you. Thank you. HAMANAKA FINANCE CO. Stop it! I want to see your boss. In a meeting. No visitors. I have to see your boss. He did not tell us about it. The receptionist told me about her.
Let her in. Go! What do you want? I want to be a croupier.
I have a good wrist shot. A croupier? What? Women should not say
that sort of thing. We are doing an honest job. Honest, with that in your hands? This? It is very
convenient for yakuza. Frisk her.
See if she’s hiding something. What do you want to know? Are you a Goryukai spy or
sent by the cops? Speak! Another woman has already tried this recently. I am really a woman croupier. Does the tattoo prove that?
It’s surprising. Whoever you are, tell me
what you are looking for. With your nerve, Goryukai
had to pay you dearly. Should I ask about
your pretty tattoo? Are you suspicious?
It’s just a woman alone. In great form! I pay these guards very dearly. What do you have against her? I have had problems once. I vouch for her. When did you go out’? About twenty days ago. Why did not you come here? I had debts to Goryukai,
but it’s settled. Goryukai? You are big rivals? Big is not the word.
Competitors maybe. We’ve nearly beaten them! Do you see why I was suspicious? Goryukai is powerful. A gang that is gaining strength
by recruiting young yakuza. Four years is a long time. There have been change here. I’m sorry you took
four years because of me. Stay with us.
You won’t lack anything.No, I’ll stay clean.Did you convert? Yakuza are a human cancer. Do you think it’s okay
to talk about loyalty? It’s tiresome. Once locked up,
nobody supported me. I thought a lot about it in the slammer. We have forgotten how to
work honestly for our livelihood. Are you really altering yourselves? Yes, after doing one more thing. What’s that? Your dice. Do you know someone who
has dice like these? Do not worry. He and I went to college together. We were too ambitious.
It became dangerous! The University? Hey, not for me.
I’m a businessman. Businessman, huh? We do not have such a man here. I could still find him. HOW? The Big Boss tournament
is in three days. The best croupiers will be there. Is this the Ninkyokai national tournament? Yes, but there is
a risk of mayhem. Goryukai is invited. They could not start a fight. That’s true. The two clans that caused
problems in the past were not invited. Do you want to know
who has the same dice’? That’s it. Ito, I understand why you can
not withdraw if it’s about her. I have to keep checking. Step by step. It has almost been solved. It is painful. Patience, old man. We
detectives must be patient. Yukiko. Mr. Kinoshita. What’s up? Weren’t you with the
Hamanaka Group? Weren’t you arrested in Yokohama? You are mistaken. We, detectives, never
make that kind of mistake. Aren’t you Ito? How did you meet him? Wait. I have not finished yet. Bring a warrant and it
will do whenever you want. Let’s go. But what are young people
thinking about these days? I am young too.
I think I understand you. You are different. You understand that it’s a cruel game. Next time will be different. The best croupiers will get
together at the Big Boss game. You will have to throw against them. Your goal is to find your
father’s murderer, isn’t it? It will not be easy. You will have to put your life on the line. When women, not men,
take this kind of risk. I have understood that. Please teach me. In my case, I can move the
dice in the shaker with a single hair. But not everyone can do it. Women… can only count on their
sex appeal to get there. First your legs. Not too far apart. Concealed,
but without hiding too much. Attend to them. Draw their attention there.
Take the shot. Got it? When you have completely
captivated them, turn the pot.TY’!-Once again.If we catch you, swallow the dice. Also unveil your legs. Untie your belt, show your body and say: “It’s a shame to be called a
cheater – do whatever you want!” After that, lie down. With so much nerve and your
beauty, you’ll get there. No man can resist you. Not even me.I’m so haPPY—JEWELERY CHINO We made this ring. We had a hard time doing this design. But it’s our job
to execute orders. Do you know who ordered it? Let’s see… it’s been so long, I do not remember
his face very well. Wait,I’llcheck my register. It was the last place. We almost succeeded. I found it…Mr. Wada from Edagawa-cho.You see, he ordered it three
years ago in October. Wada? The boss Wada. I think we will play against
each other at least once. I will throw for Hamanaka and you for Goryukai. This is our only chance. I don’t want to… It will be a game like
you’ve never played before. All the big bosses of
Japan will be present. You’ll be in the middle
of them throwing dice. It’s a risk for me too. But I’m sure we’ll
find your dad’s dice. What to do then? Either we kill him, or we are awaiting our chance. We must think about it. Endo, take the necessary
steps to stop Wada. Yes, it’s me. What? He left? Stay there and watch the place. The detective on the spot
says that Shinohara is gone. Strange, they both
went on a trip. Boss! The Hamanaka
clan is acting oddly. Hamanaka and Maki drove away. His men followed in four cars. Doesn’t sound good… that the men of Hamanaka and
Goryukai leave at the same time. Maybe for an heir who’ll
succeed the big boss, or because the 2 rival groups
want to make peace. Something big is
cooking up, I think. We need to ask for reinforcements and be prepared for everything. SPA SHIHOEN HOTEL THE 61th ANNIVERSARY NIGHT
OF DIRECTOR GENERAL ONOGAKI A toast please to celebrate
the birthday of the big boss! Congratulations! Everything is ready for
games in the next room. Have fun. I received the information that
all Bosses went on a trip. Wada’s trip must also be linked to that. This is the big boss
tournament, without a doubt. We have to go. Bets are set. Game! 4-6, even! I took Ito.
You can trust him. Is it safe?
She already had a problem once. A word. Look at this girl. The big boss likes to feast his eyes.
She will please him. We are not entitled to an error
today, they are all there. Even if she gets in the wrong, she is a woman.
We’ll manage. Too good to leave it
to others, anyway. I throw. The bets are set! Game. 3-2, odd! Your part. Please. 5-1, even! Are you ready? Please. Odd! Pair, 120,000. Bets are set. Game! 5-6, odd! I envy you Mr. Shinohara for
having such a pretty girl… and gifted too. No, a beginner. Be indulgent with her. With such beauty I would
voluntary get swindled. I go. Please. Odd. More even? Bets are set! Game. 5-4, odd! We can not let
Goryukai continue. Ito, sorry for the girl you
love, but beat them. Crush Shinohara, make him
drool and save our honor. I ask you. You say you want to leave the trade? Half of our profits
if you beat Goryukai. You need capital to leave the trade. I ask you too. I go. Please. That really catches the eye.
I have never seen such beauty. I don’t mind losing. Bets are set! Game. 2-1, odd! I go. Even. Mr. Goryukai,I’ll
bet ¥2 million to start. Do you represent Hamanaka? Yes. If possible, I would like a single
game with Mr. Shinohara or Mr. Wada. I have enough money. You can let her start. I take care of the Hamanaka Group. One to one, please. Game. 3-6, odd! I go. Even, 4 million. Odd. Game. 5-6, odd! I go. Please. Even, 8 million. Odd. Game. 6-1, odd. Shouldn’t you stop,
dear Hamanaka? I have plenty of money. I go. Please. Even, 16 million. Odd, 16 million. Game. 4-6, even! I go. Please. 10 on even. 10 on odd. 10 more. I follow you. 1-1, even. It’s a big game and the
croupier seems tired. We’re taking a break. Please. What is happening?
All these games are even. It’s too easy. If he continues to bet on even, I can not do it with those. Use these ones. You are good enough to get
any number from them. They interest you that much?
You will do better with them. If we lose, Mr. Shinohara will lose
face, and so will I. Where did you get those from? Funny question.
A dealer should know that. It will be okay now. I go. Please. Clan Hamanaka, your luck will turn now.
Bet more. So I bet. Odd. Game. 5-3, even! I go. My sincerest apologies. I’m sorry. I go. Please. 12 on even. Odd! Game! 2-2, even! Eh moment. These dice are rigged. A false accusation!
How dare you? You deny it, Goryukai? I am Ito the dealer. I am not a beginner to the point
of not recognizing a cheater. Do not underestimate me, Mr. Wada. These are rigged dice made by
the late ivory specialist Kinjiro Eguchi. How come Goryukai has them? – No problem?
– No! Catch Wanda. The police are coming! Quickly, leave. I arrest you for the murder of Eguchi. I do not know him! Do not try this. This is yours, isn’t it? I found it on the murder scene. I gave it to Arikawa. What? It’s his? I wanted his dice,
so we traded. It is true? I am dying.
I will not lie. Stop Arikawa! – He escaped.
– Afraid? He is intelligent. He knew it was going to
happen, so he ran away. Where to? Where did he go? Oiso. He hides in Oiso. Call an ambulance. We can not let
a witness this important die. What are you doing? Mr. Shinohara and Mr. Wada
probably are already dead. It’s your turn to die. You’ll kill me? Yes. Just as I killed your father. It must be my destiny
to kill you both. Did you kill him? I saw you, you and Ito, show everyone that
the dice were rigged. Bastard! An angry woman is very beautiful. I will be very annoyed if
someone asks about the dice. Your father should have
continued to make the dice. But he was greedy, he wanted to throw the dice like you. I got him a job. But amateurs have no loyalty. He betrayed me. He wanted to keep everything for himself. That was out of the question, so because of that… You are a woman and a croupier, aren’t you? You are a woman and a croupier, well… I will make love to you first, the custom when one
discovers staggered dice. Stop this old fashioned comedy. I have a gun. Do you want to die fast?
As you wish. Do not underestimate me! Give it to me. I hate to kill a pretty girl, but if you force me, I will kill you. Such a beautiful skin… You want a bullet in your
boyfriend’s tattoos, why aren’t you listening to me? You were a professional, why not die like a player? If you want to shoot, then do it. Before you make up your
mind I’ll do it myself! I do not care after all. Very well, I’m drilling your pretty tattoos. Ito! You’re okay? Pull yourself together, it’s
Arikawa who killed him! Arikawa! Yukiko, we found the
murderer of your father. You know how bad
gangsters are. The yakuza are like that… stupid. The dice of your father. But, never use them again. Ito, come back! Ito, do not die! I do not want you to die! Do not die, Ito. Do not worry. I will not die. I can not afford it. Ito!The dice of your father.But never use them again.Father. Ito. THE END©Bach Movies 2018

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