1. I’m from london/essex i’d say bait is also another word for obvious? Like ‘’how could you not know the answer its bait’’

  2. Watch love island high, and it becomes super cringe Lool, how people expect to fall in love in 6 weeks and not expect to break up the moment the leave the villa, and the bad acting/forced production… but that’s “reality” tv for you

  3. All the southerners in the comments complaining how this doesn’t represent them and their slang, the north east is never ever ever EVER represented and people forget we exist 99% of the time. So stop complaining

  4. Lol why these London ppl mad like these are actual British slangs not the American Jamaican and African slang London first generation immigrants take and call it there’s 😂

  5. 99.96% CARBON FREE! This is the percentage of the Earth's atmosphere that is NOT carbon dioxide. Surprised? Al Gore revealed this fact indirectly when he stated that carbon dioxide makes up 400 parts per million (PPM) of our atmosphere. Simple mathematics shows that 400 PPM = .04% 100% minus .04% CO2 is equal to 99.96% CARBON FREE. Do you really believe that such a small percentage of CO2 in our atmosphere causes any problem whatsoever? Share this 99.96% CARBON FREE revelation with everyone.

  6. It always annoys me when people from abroad assume that the entirety of Britain is like London and that it's the only interesting place. There are awesome places all over Britain, not just in London and we don't have the same culture as Southern English people.

  7. I love Ryan Upchurch,Zach Evans, Zack Ciezynski,Nicholas Malamatenios lives in Rocklin rich family little over 6ft tall attend seirra college in 2018 summer has cap says cookiee,Zachary Presnall and his brother teens in mid 2010s lives in Rancho Cordova or Elk Grove,Jake Paul,marry shawn Peter Raul Mendes,Troye Sivan,Connor Franta,Charlie Puth,Scott Loitsch! Fck British boys, Tom Holland,Carson Shoemaker!Wilsonjacobs instagram, George mackay! Evan winchester,Kory desoto,Tyler oakley ,max carter,Cameron park,Julian bell,Blake Mitchell,user twitch bajawellington real name Holdon Boswell from Georgia,Bill Skarsgård,Instagram aboycalledjonny name Jonny hejny,tristan Evan,
    If you can't Google Image them their probably baefriends I met in school but didn't go well but cursed, gaypornstar,youtubers,producers,chef,actors,
    Buzzfeed can help me get to meet some of them plus just reminding myself
    They are my future baes!
    Am i gonna be single for valentines am i gonna get presents after christmas day? Am i gonna get birthday presents? Please love me

  8. Joyce is the funniest host ever I love her :’-) she made the love island boys a lot more likeable I think they came across pretty flat on the show but here they were much nicer

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