Pork Steak Shogayaki Recipe | Cooking with Dog

Pork Steak Shogayaki Recipe | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” First, in a bowl, combine the soy sauce, sake, mirin, grated onion, grated apple and grated ginger root. And mix thoroughly. Next, trim off the fat from the pork loin steak. The thickness of the steak should be about 1.5cm (0.6″). Make numerous cuts along the tough stringy parts between the fat and the lean meat. By the way, be sure to bring the meat to room temperature before cooking. This will help to avoid undercooking the inside. Finally, lightly season both sides with salt and pepper. And let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. And now, let’s make the shogayaki. Place the pork steak into a plastic bag with all purpose flour. Coating the steak with the flour will help it to keep the juices inside and also make the sauce slightly thicker. Now, heat a pan on medium heat and add a generous amount of vegetable oil. Then, place the pork loin steak onto the heated pan. Make sure to cook the top side first so that you can present a beautifully browned surface. Occasionally swirl the pan to help brown the surface evenly. When the bottom is golden brown, flip it over. Reduce the heat to low and spoon the hot oil over the steak until the inside is cooked. Now, pierce the steak with a bamboo stick. If the juices are clear, it is ready. Turn off the burner and place the steak onto a cooling rack. Next, lightly remove the remaining oil in the pan with a paper towel. The sauce serves 2 people so add half of it to the pan. Turn on the burner. This sauce has a relatively strong flavor so dilute it with a small amount of sake or water if you like a milder taste. Bring the sauce to a boil and place the steak in the pan. Flip it over and coat both sides with the sauce. Be sure not to overcook the pork otherwise it will become tough. Now, place the steak onto a plate along with the tomato, cabbage leaves and kaiware radish sprouts. Finally, ladle the remaining sauce over the steak. The pork is tender and juicy and the slight sweetness of the sauce really brings out the flavor of the dish. If fresh apples are not available, you can substitute 100 percent apple juice instead. Good luck in the kitchen!

  1. pork and apples, so good. If I just need a little grated apple I use unsweetened apple sauce. This will keep quite a while in the fridge, it can also be put into ice cube trays and frozen.

  2. My heart was breaking when Francis cried for a piece of pork. It seems a little bit cruel to make the dog sit and watch all the preparation and finally the Chef eating the dish without sharing. If not the pork, why not to give him some dog food at that moment?

  3. I wonder what other tricks does Francis know? He's such an obedient and loving dog 🙂
    And as always, Chef made an amazing easy meal for everyone, gonna try cooking this at home.

  4. I am ready for lunch after watching this video. However, it is currently only 10:20 am. The pork steak looks so good!

  5. Ohhhh THAT'S why my pork steak always stays undercooked in the middle. Room temperature!!  I'll remember that next time. and I'll try that hot oil trick (I always want to use less oil with pork since it seems to get naturally greasy)
    It just feels weird letting pork sit out, yknow? because it's one of the most "iffy" meats. But in the past I have let my pork sit uncovered in the fridge for a while to dehydrate a little, and that somehow makes it super juicy when it's cooked.

  6. 自分は、リンゴや玉ねぎ入れたことないですね。自己流ですけど。甘くなるのかな?

  7. Schabowy jest super,do tego ziemniaki z maselkiem i surowka z czerwonej kapusty  lub mizeria.Pozdrawiam jestes super.

  8. Another dish I won't be able to make. I'm only 14 so I'm not allowed to use the kitchen other than microwaving things and boiling noodles. One of the main reasons I wan't to grow up is so that I can cook my own food. This looks so delicious T^T (then again so does everything you make).

  9. i wish they would eat the food at the end because i think its weird how they make all this good food but never eat it. They are wasting good food

  10. How old is Francis now? First video was seven years ago so he's at least that old. He looks comfy in his bed here, I hope he's still healthy and genki and will make more and more videos for a long long time to come!

  11. Francis-sama, what is the song called that starts at 1:27? Every time I hear it in one of your videos, I imagine standing in the kitchen, cooking, having this song as background music and feeling like a cool Japanese chef! Much love

  12. I loved the video you uploaded of this same recipe around 5 years ago, and it looks just as delicious now! I have yet to make it, though…

  13. お上品なシェフの口から「がっつり」なんてワードが飛び出すとは思っていなかったので、なんだか嬉しい♪神回だ!

  14. 一人暮らしでもできそうなお手軽な料理しりたいです!

  15. STEAK? Not at all. But a Schnitzel with a japanese sauce. And  it´s wrong to pinch the meat like seen at 1:05, this makes the meat hard and dry. There was also no meat juice to see at 2:30 just the overpoured oil.
    Sorry but this vid is just disappointing.

  16. It's sad to see that Francis is unable to stand for the whole video, he's old, right? He must be tired. I hope francis lived forever. 🙁

  17. Rule number one on planet-idiocy:
    Never say you eat other kind of meats when you're on a pork recipe video. People will get mad and throw shit at you.

  18. お弁当の救世主登場だ! 「今日は面倒臭い……」と思った時、この伝家の宝刀、生姜焼き弁当が光り輝くのだ、ぶはははははwww

    It is the savior appearance of the Bento!
    When I think that it is troublesome today to make Bento, Pork Steak Shogayaki Bento exists. hahahahaha!! by Japanese mother.

  19. "If apples are not available …" meaning if you live in Japan and apples are so expensive you will have to sell organs to buy one ʕ•ٹ•ʔ

  20. you know what makes pork delicious? it's the combination of both lean and fat part of the pork, why did you throw away the fat?! Please don't waste food

  21. 勉強になりました、チャンネル登録させていただきます🍴🙏

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