KJ Apa Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

KJ Apa Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

(upbeat music)
– What’s up guys, I’m K.J., I’m here at BuzzFeed and I’m
gonna be cuddling some puppies while I answer some fan questions, and I can’t wait, give
me the pups, let’s go! (upbeat music) (lips smacking) (exclaims) Okay!
(upbeat music) I got that from being on a trampoline, I was four years old and
I cracked my head open on the side of the trampoline. And I almost died, near death experience. Girlfriend, and burger. Those are the hardest ones. These are my kids, they’re like my kids! Some of my favorite actors, I really enjoy Ricky Gervais,
I think he’s really funny. I really like, who else do I like? Vince Vaughn, I like funny guys, I like watching funny actors. Music, Van Halen, Led
Zeppelin, I love everything, I love all kinds of music. Definitely never gonna dye it again. Yeah I get it dyed every two weeks, and it’s like the roots, I
have to get all the roots and stuff done every two weeks, and yeah, I really hope that
I don’t go bald when I’m 30. (upbeat music) Probably not! I probably would have
been friends with Jug, but I don’t know if I would
have been friends with Archie. I think we would have been rivals maybe. We would have been both
on the football team, we would have had a similar relationship to Archie and Reggie,
you know what I mean, like their relationship? Pick one, just pick one
and see if it works out before you try everyone in
the whole school! (laughing) Interesting question
actually, because season five we’re kind of unsure on
what we’re gonna be doing, but I think it would be
cool if I was in the army or something and I came back
and I was like you know, and I didn’t go to college
and I went into the army or something, that would be cool. We could shoot me like Archie’s like in the
war, you know! (laughing) I want Archie to be single,
focus on him for a second instead of why does he always
have to be with someone? Maybe he can just chill
and just focus on himself. Maybe he should get a dog? Maybe he should get a
little puppy? (laughing) I think the idea of Archie
and Betty is really cool, just because it’s so iconic
and I think the whole endgame like Archie and Betty being endgames is something really cool I think the fans would really love that. You’re just gonna climb all over me! With saying what I just said, I would probably say Bughead,
I really like Bughead, I think fans love Bughead. You know, I think right now it’s exactly where it needs to be. I wish I was a dog! Just no worries in the world. Look at him! He looks like a chipmunk. No, we don’t have any on-set rituals. We just kind of hang
out before we go on set, and it’s honestly it’s not that often we all get to work with each other, when we’re all in the same scene it’s kind of a, it’s really fun but it’s not often when that happens. I’d say Cole and Charles, yeah. At this point no, I haven’t
heard anything about that, that would be really cool though, I’d love to go to New York
and shoot with those guys. I don’t know, I think Cole’s
pretty similar to Jughead, just the broody kind-of, you
know he’s intelligent too, he’s pretty funny, he’s
got a dark sense of humor. Sorry bro, I know he would hate
to hear that, but it’s true. We’re all pretty similar
to our characters, I think. You know and I think in a way
that’s why actors get cast, because they bring their
energy to the character as well as bringing everything
else that the writing gives, But Nathalie Boltt who
plays Penelope Blossom is a really incredible actor because she plays the weirdness
of that character so well, I think she’s probably the most different because she’s a really
incredible person in real life. When I’m not filming I get
into it even more actually, because I have more time, it’s harder actually when I’m not. When I’m working, just
’cause of the amount of time that we have to shoot and stuff. (dog whimpering)
Oh! I work out with a guy called Alex Fine. Me and Charles, Charles
introduced me to him. When I work out with him I stay with him, usually over a weekend, and he kind of gets me into the rhythm, so that I can go back to Vancouver and keep everything up again. It’s harder, you gotta cycle it, you have three weeks on where you’re working out really hard, and then you gotta take a week off ’cause you can’t sustain working that much and then working out on
top of that too, you know? These puppies were provided
by Vanderpump Dogs. If you want more information you can visit vanderpumpdogs.org (upbeat music)
(dogs whimpering)

  1. I really love that he said he likes the idea of Betty and Archie being together at some point too, from the comics it was aways meant to be them and not Jughead. Overall the Betty/Archie/Veronica iconic triangle should have been done more in the show tbh

  2. Can't believe they have done this with all these insignificant lightweights, BUT have still yet to give the world what they want: Chris Evans with Puppies. Why?

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  4. is it just me, or were these puppies especially cute? maybe it's how cute the interactions between KJ and the puppies were, but they just melted my heart! 💕🥺

  5. I did not know this dude, i just saw some clips from riverdale and this was recommended to me, my brain does not want to process his accent

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