Funny Boxer Dog Videos

Funny Boxer Dog Videos

Hi everybody, this is Sergeant Willy
Nesmith. I’m here at the Boxer dog Channel with boxers Del Grego, wowww wooww woow
getting down, getting real, getting it, getting all over it I took a break from the range to talk to you all about, giving me some boxer dog
content, what I need from you is your videos the most important part of our
channel will be the playlist called “Our Boxer friends around the world” we’re
asking you all to send us your funniest videos of your lovable boxers in action, ACTION!!! Say hello in your own way, name the dog and family where you came from.
For example, ah! I’m Sergeant Willy, I’m the funniest member of the Del Grego family and
we are from Niceville, Florida. Home of…oranges. I don’t know, what comes from Florida, oranges and Me So, after that, tell us why your boxer dog is the best dog ever because, We are the only boxer dog channel on YouTube
believe that? that’s us all right so, hey it was great talking to you, once again this is Sergeant Willie Smith I am the official representative for the
boxer dog channel. I know you love me You can’t help it
I got fleas. Don’t forget to like this video, Ok you all Ring that bell and that’s
how you know more videos are coming subscribe, subscribe!!! woof woof because nobody loves you more than me
and your mama, well I guess your mama Hey It is lunch yet? Hey I’m supposed
to be the talent, someone give me some lunch I need some puppichow. puppichow!!! Sergeant Willie out! for all you is to send us your funniest videos of your local
boxers in action the videos should be funny so I’m just saying. Okay okay so and stuff like that but I’m
okay so uh tell us why your boxer dog is so funny I know he’s not as funny as me
but it is what it is god bless you alright alright alright I
think I took a little like a left turn at Albuquerque you

  1. Jajajaja divertido 😆 yo no tengo bóxer pero tengo un weimaraner y creo que todos los perritos son increíbles divertidos 🎥🤱🙌🏽 en @egdy17 puedes ver como el mío me acompaña en yoga 😅🙈🙌🏽

  2. SGT Willie, you are hilarious ! “Nobody loves you more than me and your mama ….. well maybe your mama” 😂 “alright alright alright”…. 💗 If we had a boxer I’d love to send you a video, but we don’t. You’re still the best!

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