1. I'm Getting Hungry.
    Too Bad I Can't Eat That With You.
    Really Bad. But Anyway You Guys Are Cool. I Like Your Videos.
    Greetings From Germany.

  2. "Today we're cooking up some bacon pig dogs in a blanket… what?" Ahahahaha, does nobody warn poor narrator what he's in for? :'D

  3. Never mind that processed meat is to your colon as cigarette smoking is to your lungs. A good sausage is the only processed meat I'll eat, if I can help it…. and I try to keep them to a minimum, as much as I love sausage.

  4. There should be a law against making foods like this and put it on youtube! It's so AIN'T fair! that we get to only watch and can't taste it! Damn! You ain't right!

  5. ya'll building a heart attack is what you doing there. I am ready, let's do this. Hey, anyone got some of those defibulator things?

  6. I love your channel, but..
    You might want to know what the ingredients are, before you make a video telling us how to make it, next time……

  7. So I started out thinking it's just a sausage roll, so what? But I was so wrong man! I reckon you could go even further with the porkyness and use some black pudding through the sausage meat. I've subbed my friend.

  8. I started to say to myself,"that's too much pork inside there!" And wouldn't you know it, by no means of myself my own hand smacked me in the face. True story

  9. It was found that pork 145 degrees and 160 degrees really had no difference. Being that its ground pork i would probably still cook it to high temperature anyway but 145 degrees is actually fine for most pork.

  10. I want. In the UK that is a sausage roll. True, a sausage roll gone wild, a pig in a blanket is a sausage wrapped in bacon. What does US call sausage wrapped with bacon?

  11. I'm here sitting at work in a place where I'm stuck and cant go get food. I should have never watched this video. I'm starving now. Looks fantastic.

  12. I’m trying to cut out breads! Y’all are killing me here…I’ll use the bacon as my bread and make it keto/carnivore friendly

  13. Очень аппетитно выглядит,думаю на вкус не менее вкусно.)

  14. Looks great and I'd love to try it. But the description and what's in it SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing nothing to a useless video dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I want to see a vegan try to replicate this naturally without all the processed crap they use. If they can do it naturally then I will officially become a vegan lmao!!! Don’t ever stop doing what you do. I love you guys!!

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