|| Four animals go to || Remeber to turn on the subtitle! || Four animals go to || Remeber to turn on the subtitle!

Eyyo @everyone As you know from this vid title
I will make 4 animals to They are Dragon, Giant Scorpion, Black Dragon and King Dragon And this dude over here is a Titanite Dragon The wings, mouth and tail having the same color to
the origin Drag tho Hey dont think bad for me I recorded my own vid to put the music in Not a STEALER (Not lag, just using another tab) recorder will stop recording while you using another tab Im gonna let this dragon fight Elite Destroyer (Using another tab) Just skip a moment if you dont want to wait And done And the next: Carnelian Scorpion (Tier 3) “Skip if you dont want to wait, and stay if u want to hear da MUSIC'” I think Palisade is too strong lmfao
I will change it to Skimboss Oof Elite Sprayer then ONE HIT XD!! :/ Now Golden Black Dragon BAM!! Now im gonna try my strongest Elite tank vs This dude And its the Elite Unity Dead :/ So easy XD And…!!! THE ALBINO KING DRAGON!!! Now let it fight Elite Unity Palisade strong lmfao 🙂 let it fight the Skimboss then yeeeee DAMN HELL THE CORONA VIRUS ;-; let it fight testbed :>The lag makes this part very suit to the music XD And got disconnected so
Bye Used bandicut xd

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