ALLE FRISUREN FREISCHALTEN! | Animal Crossing New Horizons 🌟 Tutorial

Hello and welcome to the GermanCrossing channel. In this Video we are going to show you which hairstyles you can unlock in Animal Crossing New Horizons and how you can get them. In ACNH you can choose a hairstyle regardless of the gender. There are 32 hairstyles an 16 matching hair colors, so you can get up to 512 combinations. Half of the 32 hairstyles can be choosen from the start, you can buy additional ones in the Nook-terminal which you can find in the Service-Center there are so called cool hairstyles and “poppige” hairstyles, which look like this: Both sets cost 2400 Nookmiles. They are unlocked right after the tutorial. You can trade 3000 additional Nookmiles, against 8 haircolors. To select these, you have to get a mirror or a dressing table. Your villagers are going to give you the blueprint for the mirror. Have fun with your hair! And a pleasent island life. If you liked the video feel free to subscribe or like. See you in the next Video πŸ˜€

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