#79 Can I feed my DOG SALMON – My weight loss JOURNEY

[Music] good morning I’m just getting ready to record my breakfast but I was thinking if you’re new to the channel you might like to know that my name is Lin and I lost 60 pounds in 2018 in the 2019 I gained 20 of them back so I’m on a journey to lose that 20 pounds gonna get rid of it and just be done with it so on this channel we talked about emotions and fasting and water and meals meal prep emotions they say emotions already emotions play a big big role in my weight and my eating and the decisions that I make so love to have you on the journey I’m looking for friends and company to join me along the way love to have you if this is the kind of channel that you’re interested in following please hit subscribe I decided just to heat up my breakfast from yesterday and I don’t think it’s gonna be quite enough so I’ll probably end up making something else but it’s really weird to cook and prepared foods in someone else’s kitchen look I never know where to find anything so like opening the drawers and opening the cabinets I’m trying to scout around for things and I think it’s probably one of the first times I’ve ever gone out of town where I need to like have custom foods like have foods that I think are gonna be better for me as opposed to like what everyone else is eating and I’m not really sure how I feel about that I kind of feel like a little bit of an outsider and not quite in the groove with everyone else my friend’s house is exceedingly exceedingly exceedingly clean and so every move I make him a little bit concerned like am i keeping it clean enough did I clean up behind me and I just went started the microwave and I realized that I had not covered the dish that was cooking and I heard it popping so I heard a quick stopped it and covered it with a paper towel and now it’s cooking again but I’ll show it to you when I’m done it’s the same thing yesterday steak steak and some eggs with cheese you know we’re gonna need a word for the day but I’m gonna wait until I see tea and see if she’s willing to give us a word for the day because her words tend to be completely different from my words but equally as helpful I believe one of the things that I try to do on the channels that out products that would be helpful to you and then share those with you if you want to support the channel one of the best ways to do that is to click on the links below and then buy things from there and that helps to support the channel I am really trying to build this channel I want to create a community of people we can talk to each other we encourage each other we can support each other we can share tips and ideas different things like just yesterday someone wrote in a comment something about broccolini or broccoli or broccoli yeah anyway broccolini but it’s like little teeny pieces of broccoli and I was very interested in that so I asked her a couple questions and she showed me about it and I would like to get that and use that she said that it’s um it’s what a prefer it was to eat broccoli and it makes the dish look really nice so I’m gonna look into that but she’s sharing with me an idea that will help me along my path I want to be sharing ideas with you to help you along your path in this quest I want to I’d like to invite as many people as possible to join us I would love it ideally if we could add 1000 people per day to our group just keep adding another thousand people I think we have room for a thousand people a day I think we have room to share with a thousand people a day I think we have room to accept comments for a thousand people to accept new people into our group I just I just see this as being just a fantastic opportunity for us a lot of the comments that I’ve gotten so far super super super positive I like being optimistic and looking at the bright side of things and I like other people to be able to do that but you know sometimes it some people just doesn’t come naturally to some people don’t naturally think that way and don’t naturally feel that way so the reminder to be positive and think positive words and and be uplifted is helpful for a lot of people so if you know of someone who that’d be helpful for go ahead and send them send them the information about the channel and have them join us I mean the channel is really about weight loss is about my weight loss journey it’s about me getting healthier it’s about me living with type 2 diabetes it’s about me working through my emotions it’s me expressing my emotions it’s about food it’s about friendship it’s about laughter you know it’s about a lot of things but the main thing is that we want to be a group that supports each other so that’s something that’s interesting to you you’re for your first time here at the channel go ahead and hit subscribe we’d love to have your company we’re just kind of like a bunch of friends share on each other’s company salmon extra dry for dinner that’s the way they like it here I don’t really know I’ve only had it once so I don’t know if I like it dry or not dry with roasted vegetables broccoli college learn what are the lemons all about their recipe says what’s on top of them take something or make that make a adhesive something / paper mache glue and water oh macrame no what’s it called month month the B&M now put paper mache make a big Aleutian um the farmer’s daughter the final result she and I lost we were green we my teen I gave him a good run for their money yeah didn’t wake them up I showed you our dinner and then I showed you the game but the thing with the game was we had a lot of other people here and it really feel comfortable recording with a bunch of people who maybe wouldn’t sign off on it or whatever but we won one of the games mm-hmm and we lost one of the games well the few times now we were silly really it was close and we were seriously in sync we were very in sync like literally we’d say a few words and the other person would get it and I kept passing the thing around even if she hadn’t said the word yet because I knew she was going to try to you knew what it what I was telling you but you’re like oh uh huh yeah and and well you need to say the word but I knew but it was and that seemed like good enough for me yeah like the salmon oh yeah I have news because a few weeks ago remember I tried the salmon and I don’t think I ever told you but it was good but this but she made salmon tonight and it was fantastic tell me again what you had on it okay so the salmon had a splash of olive oil a little bit of kosher salt and curry powder it was so good just bake it it was so and then I did I broiled the top a little bit at the end gave it a little just a little crispness yeah I would have that again for sure but that was super healthy for me too because salmon doesn’t have mercury does it like junit us I don’t think so and this was wild why am i said it was good so was it frozen mmm fresh didn’t you run the table and I see that she’s feeding the dog now it’s not her dog it’s her daughter’s dog but came over to visit two dogs he had two dogs the salmon like multiple pieces then all of a sudden there’s some conversation about the dog eating salmon and had the dog loves salmon the salmon so great and that’s it more than stay young lost the salmon more than steak and then somebody said stop feeding the dog salmon and I’m thinking Oh finally somebody’s got there’s some sense there got a sense is straight and and I’m thinking it’s because like Salmons expensive but it wasn’t that it was because they were concerned for the dogs with there’s the dog had already ate its dinner yeah or the dogs had already eaten their dinner so they’re worried that the dog would have too much salmon and so I’m thinking that the reason that that was that that was said about stop feeding the dogs was because of the money so I say so like salmon is probably you know ten dollars a pound are we worried about the money at all like no she goes oh that’s not a thing you worry you’re worried about here I said oh that’s not a thing here she’s like no no but it was just a little bit and we still had some leftover they loved it though they’d love to stand by me for a while yeah you’re what getting their favor with the food do you wanted to take a bike ride tonight but it was the pitch dark out so just let’s go take a ride around like it started out I’m going to take a rush to come on their streetlights bike riding in the dark you do well we the bikes have not worked for many years but before then I would go out and ride around the block a few times in the dark funny this is lighting up the list really good yeah I could just envision there being like rocks on the road or something I pump more a lot rock and I just take a huge spill or something like that I fly tomorrow I hope I don’t get the karana virus the corona virus whatever it is this morning I was thinking I should be okay I’m pretty healthy my immune system is okay and then all of a sudden like oh my gosh we’re going on a plane tomorrow but hopefully I’ll hold up okay and we decide you’re gonna come back in January every January come back at every January what do you call that the moping season yeah yeah I didn’t shared this with you but tea you know how Mac has the moping season from like November to February T has the moping season to when when do you think you’re moping season is January January predominantly unless and I it’s nice to have something to look forward to yeah I was really excited for yeah Berlin’s visit and then peppers right on the corner CD should be fine so she is moping season in January so January is a really good time to come I actually was thinking about that when I was making the plans I knew you were yeah yeah yeah so I’ll come again next January so you’ve a CT next January okay so T this is what I want to talk to you about so you know how you’re saying I’ll come back in January but you might remember yesterday there was a slight issue member you’re even very clearly I don’t know what I had I had that chicken and there must spend some seasoning on it so we’re driving back we have a two hour drive from our outing yesterday and I was burping like the whole time and the first time I don’t remember anything I mean it was a decent-sized burp but then all of a sudden she’s like I can’t take it I can’t take it you’ve got to do something about it it helps if you open the window and yeah do that because it happened and I’d be like Lin driving laughs so like every time I had to open up the window and air it out and then she’s like you need to turn your head like every couple minutes every couple minutes yes she was drinking the fresca yeah drinking fresca I have no idea what was going on God that Pastor uh-huh so tea I noticed you didn’t have any trouble saying anything about open the window turn your head the other way you used to you being here if it had been the first day that she got here I would have been a little more understanding and okay I don’t want to say anything I don’t want it ruffle any feathers or you would have put up with it mm-hmm just talking about ballet just what so we’re in a truck so like there’s a cab of a truck it’s a very luxurious truck like it’s not like a beater truck or anything very luxurious but it has limited space there in the cab and so that probably would have to build up with the smell of herbs it was bad she thought she could sneak some past me I did I did even after she had said you gotta open up the window a couple times I’m like she can’t possibly smell bad but how do you know like it she could so it was funny cuz she’s like oh well if it’d been the first day I wouldn’t have said anything you would have suffered in silence from at least through a few of them note to self don’t eat the same thing again next year so even though we’re closing up for the day we still want to tell you the power word because we need a power word every single day so today’s para word will be presented by D today’s power word is capable I am bull we are capable what is it you are capable so anytime the day starts to go south you think to yourself I am capable or you say out loud I am capable I actually I think that’s an interesting word for you to pick because many years ago literally could be 50 no it’s gotta be more than that 16 17 18 years ago a shift happened in T’s family and she was really concerned about how it was gonna work out and she had the opportunity to feel like she could rise to the occasion and that she could that her capacity could increase and she could be more capable do you remember that no what happened I can tell you more later okay but shift happens yeah we had shift in your family so I can tell you I’ll tell you more about that but yeah I remember that pretty clearly okay well it all came back to me today because now you’re you’re capable capable yet capable okay okay well remember your efforts matter and I’ll see you tomorrow you

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