36-Pound Cat Finds A Mom Who Just Gets Him | The Dodo Adoption Day

King weighed 36
pounds at the shelter. His photo on Facebook spoke to me. I had weight issues of my own, and knew that I’d
be able to help him. King ended up at the shelter
because his owner passed away. It is my understanding that
his owner had Alzheimer’s so just kept feeding King. Now I am adopting King today. This will be my first
time meeting him. I hope he can learn to love again. Oh my god. Hi baby! Holy cow! We’re going to have
such good times. – Like this. There we go. Here we go. Yeah, good.
There we go. Can you hold it?
There we go. And he’s on rollers because he’s really heavy. – Doing okay? We did it! In you go. We’re home. Two… And three. There we go.
Okay. King has a special room
that I set aside for him to get accustomed to
being in the house. For a couple of days. – Good boy. Here you go. He just walked out and
was like, “This is my room. Okay, cool. I’m here.” – Aw, that’s a sweet boy. Such a sweetie. And the first night,
I snuck into his room. I just went and laid down
in the middle of the rug. And he immediately got up, and put his head on my arm. And he turned on his purr. It sounded like an F-150 truck. It was shaking the walls. In that moment, he’s mine. And I’m his. I’m really worried about how Rufus is
going to react when he sees King. Rufus is three times
smaller than King. – That’s a big kitty. Look at the big kitty. Can you see the little puppy? Look at that.
What do you think? Okay. Good boy. Okay, stay back.
Give him some space. Good boy. King, what — [Laughs] He just kind of sat there, and was just really mellow. And just was beautiful. – The door’s open.
It’s all yours. Good boy. Okay. Another bathroom. Okay. All right, I gotcha.
I gotcha. That’s a good boy. That’s a good boy. King did a full
tour of every room. He seemed to like to
be under the beds. The funniest part
of King exploring, watching him determine
whether he can fit somewhere. I think he thinks
he’s a tiny kitten. As soon as I saw that
King was overweight, I just knew that we
would be great together. I think everybody struggles with
weight one way or the other. And it is tough. And how you eat, and what
you eat, and when you eat are just —
are really tough decisions. Five years ago, I was
diagnosed with diabetes. And I just made a decision that
I was going to choose life, and started an entirely
different life plan. And lost 127 pounds. – Long term goal for him
is really weight loss. To get him to a
better quality of life. To be able to do
more cat things, like run around, play,
jump, and so forth. Now that he’s in a situation where he’s
going to have a controlled amount of food, I think he’s off to a good
start and in a good place to be successful. – I then got a medium
dog bed for him. And then I went and got as many
toys as possible for exercise. I’m hoping that he and
I zen into the weight loss. So what I want
to try and do is make sure that he moves
as much as possible. That he’s going to say,
“Hey this is great.” And be happy here. – Good boy. I’m proud of you. My big picture hope for King, truthfully, is to get healthy. My plan is to do a little video with me in my marathon clothes, and King in his harness. And we’re going to
have slo-motion, pretending to run. And then have
“Chariots of Fire” playing. So, we don’t — Oh hey, I may have to hire you! That would be the diet icing
on the low calorie cake. – Like, comment, and subscribe.

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